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About us

OUR WORK is an analysis and prevention of cyber attacks, computer crimes, emergency response to information security incidents, and the development of the institute of security awareness and protection of citizens and organizations of Kazakhstan within the information society. We closely cooperate with state bodies and private organizations in the field of information security, we provide information security audit services. A special strategy of the Center is cooperation with universities in the field of training of qualified specialists in the field of information security and the development of research and development work in cyber security field.

Information security issues not only IT industry concern but it is primarily the problem of business . In the modern world, any organization is connected to the Internet. Weaknesses in the company's security system make it vulnerable to external threats, including illegal infiltration, theft of sensitive information and confidential data, which entails huge reputational risks and economic losses. A continuous and timely audit of information security is an important element of the overall strategy of any company.

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Our mission

OUR MISSION is to detect and eliminate security issues before they transform into a serious threat. Manage your risks!

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